Nov 25

12 Dining Chairs that will Never Go Out of Style

Timeless dining chairs

In my experience, there tends to be two types of people who hire interior designers: those with money to burn and are looking for the latest and greatest in all things design, and those who have carefully and thoughtfully saved their pennies in hopes of transforming their space into their forever home. More often than not, my clients tend to land in the latter category. And while I love unveiling the latest and greatest, ultimately designing for the long haul ranks high atop my list of favourite things. I mean, timeless, classic designs simply stir my soul in ways I can’t explain.

When designing for these types of projects, I tend to follow the whole “keep the larger items classic, and infuse current trends through inexpensive accessories and acoutrements” adage. This rings particularly true when it comes to your dining room. Following are 12 timeless chairs that have always, and will forever, set my heart aflutter.  



First Image – Design: Lark & Linen Interior Design for Style at Home | Photography: Alex Lukey

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