Nov 18

DIY Copper-Dipped Candles

DIY copper candles

Hey guys! Sugar and Bash here with this month’s project. I really wanted to make some simple, festive candles this year that I could keep out for the next few months. Enter: these DIY holiday candles, dipped in copper and gold. I’m all about this subtle snowflake pattern, and metallics are always a good idea. Gold and copper simply go hand in hand, and sparkle beautifully against the matte cream and black bases. This simple tutorial will class up any candle, I swear! Step 3DIY candles (cute gift idea)DIY candles - perfect for the holidaysDIY copper dipped candles Step 2


Candles in Glass Jars (I got mine from Ikea)
Copper Spray Paint
Chalkboard Spray Paint (for a super matte finish)
Cream Colored Spray Paint 
Dotting Tool
Painter’s Tape



1/ First off, I LOVED these candles for this DIY project, so if you can get your hands on them it’s a good idea. If you wiggle the candle around, the entire thing will pop out! I was able to remove the candles from the glass jars prior to painting, which simplified the process. If yours don’t come out as easily, just cover the wax in painter’s tape to protect it from the spray paint.

2/ Using the cream spray paint, slowly rotate your candle and evenly spray every side in thin even coats. Repeat the process a few times so no glass peeks through.

3/ Once the base coat has dried, use the painter’s tape to cover the top half of the candle (this portion will of course stay as your base colour once complete) 

4/ Flip your candle over and spray paint the bottom half with the copper. This should only take one, maybe two coats.

5/ Once dry, remove the painter’s tape and use the dotting tool and gold liquid gilding to make your snowflakes! Simply dip the tool in the gold and dot away.

6/ Repeat with remaining colours, playing with chalkboard paint, dipping the bottom portion in the gold gilding… the works! [break]DIY, Styling & Photography: Sugar and Bash

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