Oct 14

My 2016 Colour of the Year Prediction

dusty rose and gold
How we’re discussing the 2016 colour of the year already is beyond me. I swear it was just yesterday that I was taking down my Christmas decorations. But alas, here I am, another year older, another year wiser, and just a few blog posts deeper as a result. One of the best parts of this whole blogging thing is being on the forefront of all things design. I mean, being placed in the drivers seat to essentially predict what’s next is something I do regularly, both in blog land and in my daily role as an interior designer. So when Benjamin Moore reached out, prior to their colour of the year being unveiled, and asked me to take my best guess at the shade, I already had a pretty good idea where I stood. Dusty rose
My prediction was a soft and sublte dusty rose. In years past we’ve covered Wythe Blue to Guilford Green to Lemon Sorbet and beyond. And as far as I was concerned it was Wheat Berry‘s time to shine. While at first glance you may think I’m nuts, blush pink has been slowly saturating the market for a while now. And this hue in particular? It’s warm, it’s approachable, it’s feminine (of course!), but it doesn’t read as overly saccharine which I absolutely adore. It verges on dusty rose, but not the one your grandmother knows and loves. Nope. This beauty has come full circle in the very best of ways and, if used correctly, can easily read as a neutral. Following are a few great examples of this shade in action, and I truly can’t get enough: 

hair envypleated dressdusty rose all grown uppink wedding dress popsicles beautypotted cacti
Last week, they officially unveiled the REAL colour of the year, and the white enthusiast* within me is so pleased to announce that Simply White has taken the reins! I’ve actually used this colour a few times in the past, and it really and truly is a beautiful shade. Subtly creamy, not too stark, it makes your space feel light and bright, but with a little more soul. So while I wasn’t totally on point with my prediction, I’m still pleasantly surprised. That said, I still stand by the fact that this dusty rose hue is here to stay. 

*you all know how I feel about an all white home by now, I’m sure

And before I go, here’s a peek at Simply White in action:

Rustic living room

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