Sep 2

Currently Coveting No. 30

A little over a week ago, a couple of girlfriends and I headed to the mall on the hunt for some bridesmaids dresses for our friend’s wedding in Mexico next May. Amidst the layers of silk and tulle, I couldn’t help but notice that each and every store was decked to the nines in fall garb. Now, I’m still over here embracing the last sliver of summer while I’m still able, but I must admit that the borderline floor-length cozy knits and ankle booties reminded me just why I love the upcoming season so much. All at once, I was flooded with visions of crisp cottage weekends, movie nights wrapped up in blankets, and hot mugs of tea as the sun begins to rise. And just like that, I’m almost ready for fall. Following are a few transitional pieces I have my eyes on this month, for both my home AND closet. 




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