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5 Bedroom Rules I Like to Follow

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I’m of the firm belief that your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A respite. A place that allows you to shut the rest of the world out, if need be. And after 9 years in the design industry, I’m still shocked at the fact that one’s bedroom typically ends up being the last on the priority list. While there are of course ways to completely transform it into a spa-like retreat, for those on a smaller budget here are five bedroom rules I always follow, that really and truly make a difference.

Vanilla cedarwood

BUY THE BEST BEDDING YOU CAN AFFORD | We’ve all heard the stats. We spend a very large portion of our time in bed, and so it only makes sense for us to prioritize here. During the cooler months, we like to cuddle up under a down duvet, but as the weather warms, we tuck it away in exchange for a lightweight quilt. We picked up this soft cotton version from Urban Outfitters at the beginning of the season and it has been the perfect thing to take us through summer. As far as sheets are concerned, forget about thread count (that myth has been busted), and instead look for quality fibres. 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, pima and suprima are typically good signs. 


INSTILL A NO TV RULE | In my experience, people tend to fall on two camps on this subject. The non-negotiable we-need-a-TV camp, and the we-won’t-even-entertain-the-idea folks. I tend to fall into the latter. While it’s nice to fall asleep to a Seinfeld rerun now and again, it’s so easy to use it as a crutch and flip it on even when you don’t feel like it. When we removed the TV from our bedroom, we began to read more, late night conversations became more meaningful, and I swear we sleep more soundly. And on the odd occasion when the mood strikes to cozy up to a movie in bed, we are not opposed to placing our laptop between us and getting comfy.

Stocked nightstand

STOCK YOUR NIGHTSTAND | I always insist on keeping a small arsenal of goodies right beside my bed. Moisturizing chapstick, a lined journal,  hand cream and a really great read are always at arm’s length away. For added bonus points, a small vase of fresh flowers and a lightly scented candle are a nice finishing touch. Little details really do make all the difference. And if you’re on the hunt for new nightstands, I really encourage you to look at ones with drawers, which are a great way to tuck all of the unsightlies away when not in use (I’m looking at you iPhone charger). 


HANG GREAT ART | Much like the nightstand ordeal, I often go back to the “design isn’t in the details, design IS the details” saying that has made its rounds lately. And while I’ve dabbled in this whole interior design thing for many years now, I’m still always amazed at the difference those finishing touches make within a space. Hanging art is a great way to take your room from drab to fab in no time flat.

White nightstand

ADD DIMABLE LIGHTING | Adding a dimmer is surprisingly affordable to install, and it’s one of those little touches that really go a long way. While adding layers of lighting is fundamental to great design (overhead lighting, task lighting, accent lighting etc), the ability to adjust the lighting according to your mood is a beautiful, cost-effective, trick. 


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