Aug 25

Step Inside Marysia’s LA Home

marysia swim_1

If you’ve spent any length of time on Instagram this summer, there’s a very good chance you’ve set your sights on Marysia’s scalloped swimsuits. Her pieces are as flattering as they are beautiful, and the woman has taken the fashion-world (and blog world, for that matter) by storm as a result. So it comes as no surprise that her LA based home tour is gorgeous from start to finish. I mean, the woman clearly has style. Much like her line of swimwear, her home embodies that quintessential LA look. It’s bright, it’s playful, it’s a softer take on the mid-century modern look we all know and love. Enjoy!

marysia swim_2 marysia swim_3 marysia swim_4 marysia swim_5 marysia swim_6 marysia swim_7 marysia swim_8 marysia swim_9 marysia swim_10 marysia swim_11 marysia swim_12 marysia swim_13


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