Jul 10

Scenes from my Week

roses{gorgeous blooms from my Glitter Guide shoot on Thursday}

Justin and I recently purchased (matching*) bikes, and now that the weather has finally begun to warm up we’ve been embarking on random evening adventures around the city with regularity. It’s been so much fun to take off on a whim, and brings back fond memories of those carefree summers of my childhood. With busy schedules on both sides, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all of our to-do’s, but we’ve been trying to find time to shut down our computers at a reasonable hour, and infuse more fun into our days. With said bike rides, great photoshoots, a visit to Taste of Toronto, and serious progress on a few client projects, it’s been a good week around these parts. Per usual, here’s a peek!

*I’m more excited about the whole matching aspect than he is. Every time we text about potential bike adventures I make sure to include the dancing-twin-blondes emoji, which probably doesn’t help 

rose{rosé on my parent’s deck}bicycle{bike adventures}styling{prepping for a photoshoot}taste-of-toronto{scenes from Taste of Toronto}

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