Jun 30

An Elegant Cottage in Muskoka

Cozy corner at the cottage
Cottaging in Canada is somewhat of a religion. Our warm weather window is often short, which just means that we all tend to capitalize. And while the winters are bitterly cold, the balmy summers, barefoot in the wilderness, tend to make up for them tenfold. My siblings and I were lucky enough to be blessed with cottages on all sides of the family (lots to choose from!), and as we plan for our semi-yearly week up north, I find myself daydreaming of all things cottage-centric. Crystal clear lakes, an extra deep sofa to lounge in, and outdoor dining are officially on the horizon, and I couldn’t be more excited. And while ours aren’t quite as elegant as this cottage in Muskoka, I am terribly excited all the same.

Just a note: I’m going to be off tomorrow celebrating Canada Day, but I’ll be back on Thursday with more goodies to share!

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