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10-minute Tricks to Freshen Up Your Home

10 minute tricks to instantly freshen up your home
Now that it’s officially summer, I only thought it fitting to share a few of my favourite tips and tricks to freshen up your home for the season. As a designer, I find that my house is constantly changing with my mood, and I’ve never failed to be amazed at the life these few simple changes can breathe into a room. Here are a few of my favourite little tricks:

living room{pillow: Urban Oufitters, throw: souvenir from Ireland}

SWITCH OUT YOUR TOSS CUSHIONS | Confession: I have a closet stacked with various pillow covers and I am constantly switching them in and out. I tend to keep my overall room palette neutral, and have fun changing up the feel of our space with bolder graphics and colours, pending my mood (and the season). 

Serene bedroom{sheets: Urban Outfitters, duvet: Crane & Canopy, lamp: Serena & Lily, art: my own}

PICK UP NEW BEDSHEETS | This is especially appealing when you peel back those thick flannel babies for lighter, breezier pieces as the temperatures rise.  These 100% cotton babies, fromUrban Outfitters, are the prettiest shade of pink, and they’re currently in heavy rotation around here.

REPLACE YOUR OUTLET COVERS | This is one of those little things that most people don’t notice until they do. There is nothing worse than an aged, yellowed outlet cover. And for just a dollar or two a piece, plus a few minutes of your time, making the switch is well worth it. 

Mini herb garden{pots: Urban Outfitters}

START AN HERB GARDEN | This is roughly my 19th attempt at an apartment-sized herb garden, and fingers crossed they don’t perish at my touch per usual. I have the blackest thumb of all the black thumbs, but it doesn’t stop me from trying each and every year. I love the difference a hint of greenery makes in my space, and having fresh herbs perpetually on hand is such a nice treat.

REPLACE YOUR HARDWARE | You’ve likely heard this one before, but switching out dated hardware is an inexpensive trick of the trade that really goes a long way. I recently did a post on some of my favourite shops for hardware, and still stand by each and every one. 

candles{candles: Urban Outfitters}

INFUSE NEW SCENTS | I love the notion of a signature scent, but can attest to the fact that switching up a rooms smell can instantly make it feel brand new. Tuck those heavier, woodsy scents away for the cooler months, and reach for lighter, breezier ones as the warm months hit.

CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS | Yep, this is probably my least favourite job. But after the deed is done, that miracle light that makes its way through is totally amazing. 

flowers{globe lamp: Artemano}

FRESHEN UP WITH FLOWERS | If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a big proponent of treating myself to flowers semi-regularly. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune (in fact: I am not at all opposed to a $6 bouquet of grocery store tulips), and it makes such a difference when you walk into the room. One trick I tend to subscribe to: pick up two or three inexpensive stems at your local florist, and ask them to include a ton of greenery (which is often free) to really beef up your bouquet. 

art {art: my own}

ROTATE YOUR ART | If you’ve had the same ol’ same ol’ decorating your wall for longer than you can remember, it may be time to switch it up. Now, I’m not telling you to go out and pick up brand new pieces, but filling old frames with some new momentos goes a long way. As does re-thinking the art altogether. Perhaps that piece in your dining room looks even better in your bedroom! It’s a trick that will make you appreciate what you have all over again, and it won’t cost you a cent.

GET A NEW DOORMAT | Funnily enough, this is by and large the most high traffic area in everyone’s homes, which means that the doormat ends up being a bit of a workhorse, and often an afterthought. Switching your tired old guy for something fresh and new is such a treat, and it won’t break the bank. 


lineThis post is in collaboration with Urban Outfitters and their new Canadian site. All images, with the exception of the candle image, are original to Lark & Linen.

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