Nov 14

Scenes from my Week

Beautiful fabric {mountains of gorgeous fabric for a current project}

Apart from the fact that I may or may not be coming down with an ear infection*, this week has been a very, VERY good one. Not only did I land two more INCREDIBLE design projects, complete with some dream clients to boot, I also spent a good chunk of my week fabric sourcing, which ranks high amongst my list of favourite things to do. My chocolate cravings have subsided almost completely, Starbucks unleashed their red cups, and the Santa Clause parade is coming to town on Sunday. For a self proclaimed Christmas aficionado, all of this amounts to some crazy excitement around here. Though I always make sure my American friends are able to enjoy Thanksgiving in peace before I begin shoving Christmas down everyone’s throats, the parade is always my personal sign that Christmas cups, clementines, and seasonal tunes are a go – at least in the comfort of my own home. Happy weekend, friends! And here’s a peek at my week in photos… 

*please tell me what kind of self respecting adult gets an ear infection!? 

Christmas cup season! {Christmas cup season commences!}

Party idea: a calligraphy bar {a calligraphy bar at the Pottery Barn/Pottery Barn Kids holiday party}

Cuban breakfast {delicious eats at La Cubana last Sunday}

Lady love {a lovely girl friend dinner date at Mamakas last Saturday}

All images original to Lark & Linen

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