Sep 22

Scenes from my Weekend

cozy-knit-sweater-+-casual-braids {cozy knits & casual braids}

On Friday, the weather cooled off just enough to justify busting out a handful of cozy knits, but not enough to tuck away the flats quite yet (my inner autumnal lover was terribly excited). Meanwhile, Saturday was warm and glorious – mother nature was totally showing off. Essentially, it was weather perfection around here which made for the most wonderfully well rounded weekend! Dinner parties were had, cotton candy pink bridesmaid dresses were dyed navy (an attempt to make it feel less bridesmaid-y. Verdict’s still out!), Buca‘s tiramisu was ingested (quicker than I’d like to admit), and on Sunday? Well on Sunday I woke up to the sound of the rain. And despite the fact that it cleared up by 9 am, I took it as a sign that I should totally stay in bed for as long as physically possible (complete with a really terrible – yet entertaining – book). 

coffee-run {tea amongst friends}

dyed-spoon {the results of a fun Saturday}

snow-berries {beautiful snowberries}

reading-in-bed {the laziest of all lazy Sundays}

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