Jul 16

scenes from my weekend {wedding edition}

pre-wedding cupcakes | hair did | the beautiful bride (and me!)
the bouquet | the ceremony | the bridal party

I’ve never had this much trouble narrowing down my weekend pictures. This one in particular was filled with so many incredible moments, all of which were beautifully captured; a handful of moments, frozen in time. As mentioned, a few girlfriends and I took Thursday and Friday off to spend some time together, and celebrate one of our dearest friends weddings. We hopped from pool, to spa, to patio and back again all while jokingly referring to ourselves as ladies of leisure. It was an indulgent few days, and my wallet and I are no longer on speaking terms, but I can’t deny I had a ton of fun (and will be on a spending hiatus indefinitely).

On Saturday, my friend of twenty years married the love of her life. It was an intensely beautiful ceremony and I could not be happier for both of them. She is the first of our friends to tie the knot, and my first time as a bridesmaid. It was such a wonderful feeling being able to stand up and vouch for two incredible people, and I can’t wait to watch them grow into this next phase in their lives.

It’s safe to say that these past few days will be very tough to top.

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