Sep 5

Inspiration: Kitchen Art

Art in the kitchen

Kitchen design has come a long way in recent years. These days, the kitchen is no longer thought of as a purely functional space. Lately, it has turned into a virtual extension of ones living room. And for good reason! I mean, it’s a well known fact that everyone congregates there, no matter the size. It only makes good sense that we transform it into something both functional and beautiful at once! Upper cabinets are being replaced with open shelving. Accessories are abundant. Beautiful dishes, wooden bowls and golden cutlery are aplenty. And kitchen art is totally a thing. And I’m all for it. Here are a few lovely examples that have caught my eye recently! 

Waterfall countertop + kitchen art  Swedish kitchen Open shelving + butcher block counters Art in the kitchen Dream kitchenBlue cabinets 

Vintage Kitchen: M Gladden Photography | Waterfall Counter: Casa Sugar | Modern Kitchen: Planet Deco | Kitchen with Antlers: Original Source Unknonw (if anyone knows it please share!) | Neutral Kitchen: BasicHus | Bohemian Kitchen: The Design Files, Photography: Eve Wilson | Blue Cabinets: Ingerstedt


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