Aug 12

House Envy: Rustic Modern

Lavender headboard

Friends, a moment of silence for this rustic modern abode. When it comes to interior design, I constantly flip between my love for the crisp, clean feel of a modern space, and the cozy vibe that a rustic one brings. More often than not, a home tends to fall loosely into one of the two categories. Rarely do you find one that manages to blend the two seamlessly. Aaaand then this bad boy came about. Recently unveiled in Architectural Digest, it combines two of my very favourite styles in the most picturesque manner.  

Rustic foyer Rustic modern family room rustic modern - living room 2 Great art rustic modern - kitchen rustic modern - living room Marble dining room table Rustic glam bathroom Amazing bedroom Fancy exterior 

Source: Architectural Digest | Interior Design: Julie Hillman

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