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DIY Bachelorette Survival Kits


Seeing as my sister is offfiiiicially getting married on Saturday (!!), it only seemed fitting to finally share the details of the bachelorette survival kits I put together for her last hurrah. I created one for every guest in attendance just as a wee little thank you for being so awesome to my big sis over the years. An adult loot bag, if you will! The best part is that they can be totally customized depending on your preference/location/event. Staying in Miami? Toss in some sunscreen and aloe. Vegas? Obviously a poker chip to get everyone started. The one thing that I must insist upon: glitter glasses. Fun group photoshoots are bound to ensue! (Tip: pick up the kids glasses – they’re only $1 at most party stores in lieu of the $8 adult ones. They don’t totally fit, but they do stay on, and nobody will ever know)

PS – scenes from that weekend right here!




Read on for the instructions…

Black and white striped boxes (I bought mine here)
Paper crinkle (I used white)
Inexpensive gold bangles (I bought mine at the dollar store)
Mint candy (because, you know)
Tiny vials with corks (I bought mine at the dollar store)
Glitter sunglasses (I bought mine here)
Bachelorette cookies (!!)
Bonus: mini champagne bottles – don’t use the straws though – they create an instant funnel. Aka champagne everywhere! 


Build out your boxes and stuff them with a handful of paper crinkle. 

Place 2 advil’s in each vial.

Gently place everything into your box and hand out to your guests!

NOTE: In our case, each bracelet was the equivalent to a drink ticket. When the bride was feeling parched she simply had to steal someone’s bracelet and they would then be obligated to buy her a beverage!

Images original to Lark & Linen
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