May 28

House Envy: Wit + Delight


As a designer, I’ve been fortunate enough to set sights on the fanciest of fancy homes you can imagine. Thousand-dollar this and designer-fabric that… But when it comes to my own design sensibility, time and time again I find myself drawn to places that legitimately feel lived in and loved. Places like Wit & Delight‘s Minneapolis home. One in which has clearly been beautifully designed by a fine-tuned eye, but doesn’t feel overly precious or overdone. 

Wit-&-Delight-for-Every-Girl_035 Wit-&-Delight-for-Every-Girl_031 Wit-&-Delight-for-Every-Girl_025_0 Wit-&-Delight-for-Every-Girl_015 Wit-&-Delight-for-Every-Girl_005 Wit-&-Delight-for-Every-Girl_075 Wit-&-Delight-for-Every-Girl_074 Wit-&-Delight-for-Every-Girl_065

Found: The Everygirl | Design: Wit & Delight | Photography: Melissa Ohlendt

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