Apr 4

Lovely & Unrelated


By this time tomorrow I will be neck deep in my final licensing exam. It somehow feels as if I’ve been studying forever, yet I can’t believe it’s finally time to write. If any of you have any extra vibes to spare between 8 am and 5 pm I would so greatly appreciate them! In the meantime, here are a few links I’ve loved as of late:

:: One of my favourite Instagrammers share’s all her tips & tricks
:: Obsessed with this little boy (and his totally awesome dad)
:: Pretty those spring plates with 33 flowers you can eat
:: Read an entire novel in 90 minutes
:: The perfect DIY for your Easter table
:: A beginners guide to house plants
:: A tiny closet turned home office
:: And just because: these two totally crack me up

DIY X&O’s: Honestly Yum | Green Ombre Cake with Mint & Blueberries: Duabu | Chocolate Mint Mousse Cups: Oh So Pretty via Sugar & Cloth  | Italy: Jose Villa

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