Nov 27

Sick Day Essentials


As mentioned yesterday, I’ve been feeling slightly draggy over the course of the last few days. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m sick, but I’m definitely turning into a bit of a weepy, needy baby, which is a tell tale sign. And when I’m feeling under the weather, there are just a few things that I rely on to get me through. Peppermint tea, a cozy robe and old episodes of Friends rank high amongst that list. Oh, and oil of oregano. It’s quite foul and totally unpleasant but I absolutely swear by it.  


1. Mint Bellocq Tea from Terrain | 2. | 3. Alpaca Robe from Net-a-Porter | 4. Bootie Slippers from Nordstrom | 5. Oil of Oregano (I SWEAR by this stuff) from My Wholesome Home | 6. Honey | 7. Honey Dipper from Crate & Barrel | 8. Handmade Mug from Grehom | 9. Pyjama set from Madewell | 10. Hot Water Bottle from Indigo | 11. Throw from Lands Down Under

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