Nov 15

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I attended an industry party last night and I have to admit I’m feeling it a little this morning. It turns out I don’t bounce back like I used to (damn you aging)! While I wrap myself in blankets and force myself to power through, allow me to distract you with a few links I’m loving this week:

:: My Torontonian friends might appreciate this
:: You know you’re getting old when you enjoy these types of features 
:: This made my whole day
:: So awesome!
:: A roast chicken tournament. Amazing. 
:: Made me smile
:: Officially added this to my bucket list
:: One of the more touching videos I’ve seen 
:: How to unshrink a wool sweater
:: How you can help with relief in the Phillipines
:: And my friends newly launched (and incredible amazing) shop! 

Edited to add this, because my coworker just sent it to me and it’s the best thing in the entire world. Happy friday indeed! 


Belgium from Flickr | Apple Orchard Dinner from SB Chic |  Table Setting from Local Milk | New York Home from NY Times

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