Nov 18

Scenes from my Weekend

{wedding dress shopping for my sister}

{the most incredible mouldings ever}

{shopping essentials}

{adorableness times two}

{Santa Clause parade casualties}

{bundled up for the parade}

I have a feeling that these next few months are going to be chalk full of a few really incredible weekends. My big sister is getting married and, as her maid of honour, I’ve made it my mission for us to celebrate and indulge in this exciting time as much as physically possible. This weekend we shopped (and purchased!) her wedding dress, which automatically puts this weekend high above all others. Not only that but the annual Toronto Santa Clause parade took place yesterday which just means that it’s now legal to begin celebrating the season outwardly. And by outwardly I mean I no longer have to listen to Christmas tunes in secret. Woohoo! Good weekend indeed.

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