Aug 23

A Few Exciting Things

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There have been a few fun developments in the world of lark & linen as of late that I’ve been meaning to catch you all up on. I wasn’t sure how to properly do this so I decided a big ol blog dump was in order.

First and foremost, if you follow me on Instagram this might not be news to you (sorry for the redundancy you guys!) but I was recently featured in this months Toronto Life “City Home” magazine. If you know me by now, you might be aware that Toronto Life is basically my bible so I was pretty over the moon when they asked if I was interested in being one of six bloggers in their feature. When I opened the magazine a few weeks ago I was ecstatic to see my little face next to some of my personal Toronto based idols. People like Herriott Grace, Little House Blog, The Marion Housebook, Kitka and the like. Beyond. BEYOND.

Next, I’m not sure if you’re attending this years Blogpodium, but I’m going to be speaking! In between bouts of nausea and a few sleepless moments I find myself RIDICULOUSLY excited and honoured and flattered and all of those other verbs that go along with this role. I’ll be chatting “Old Media, New Media & Social Media” alongside Emma Reddington (of The Marion Housebook and Home Editor at Chatelaine), Rhonda Riche (co-founder of Covet Garden) and Margot Austin (Editor at Canadian House & Home). WHAT?! This still hasn’t exactly sunk in. And seeing my name alongside all of those crazy talented folks still has me reeling. 

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