Jul 8

Scenes from my Weekend

marben{dinner at Marben}

Ok, first and foremost I have to tell you about Marben – because it’s absolutely delicious and you should probably make it your new mission to make your way there at some point. A few girlfriends and I planned to meet up for dinner & drinks on Friday evening, and ended up at this gem of a place. And, let me tell you, it far surpassed our expectations. Tucked behind an adorable garden in a quiet area of the downtown core, it’s definitely worth a visit (I mean, they churn their own butter and grow spicy lettuce!)

The rest of the weekend was exceptional in it’s own right. I thought it’d be tough to top Friday (something about an epic meal with some of your favourite people in the entire world is simply tough to follow). But a 50th backyard birthday party, a rugby game downtown (my cousin made team Canada!), patio drinks and beyond… made it undeniably lovely. Though the humidity was borderline unbearable and we were pretty sticky and gross for the vast majority (we won’t talk about my hair situation), I’d be more than happy if summer would just stick around forever. How do we make that happen?

prep{prepping for girls’ night}

sku{a summer sunset}

iced-latte{beating the heat with an iced latte from Rooster}

rugby{my cousins’ rugby game}

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