Jul 5

Get the Look: A Boho Patio

3eb9af154be28dcaf8fc39873f63c041Now that patio season is in full swing (woohoo!) I’ve found myself perusing the interwebs for inspiration for our own outdoor space. To be honest, our teeny tiny condo balcony is nowhere near large enough for something the likes of this, but I thought I’d share it all the same for those of you who’ve been blessed with an abundance of exterior space of their own! The key to this look is a ton of fabulous layers and lots and lots of texture. Grab a bunch of linen throws, toss in a handful of incredible pillows (don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and styles!) and add a hit of greenery to really make it sing.

lineImage found via: Expressen | 1. Palm from Home Flair | 2. Bench  from Crate and Barrel | 3. Chair from Ikea | 4. Pillow from Anitavee | 5. Pillow from West Elm | 6. Pillows from Amazon | 7. Pillow from Anitavee | 8. Potted Cala Lily from QVC | 9. Table from Post | 10. Tote from J. Crew

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