Jul 2

scenes from my weekend

DSC_0030{a champagne surprise for a special occasion}

You may have seen it on twitter mid-last week, but I recently found out that I passed two of my licensing exams. Naturally, this is grounds for celebration. Justin showed up wielding fancy champagne and adorable flowers which kicked off the long weekend in the finest of forms. With a slight champagne buzz, we then headed out to Bent, a restaurant I had been dying to try (verdict: absolutely delicious). The rest of the weekend followed suit. Seeing as both Pride and Canada day landed at the same time, the city was abuzz with activity and enthusiasm. We didn’t accomplish a ton to write home about, but we did manage to strike that perfect balance between hustle and bustle and total relaxation.

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DSC_0033{in my opinion, carnations are totally underrated}

DSC_0039{looking for a little attention}

IMG_3524{my favourite backyard in all of Toronto}

IMG_3550{Canada Day firework remnants}

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