Jun 24

scenes from my weekend

sfmw_1{Summer in the city}

Ahh summer – how I’ve missed thee. With Friday being the first official day of the season, we decided to kick it off in the best way we know how: overpriced beer and baseball (we won!) Though the weather report was anything but promising for both Saturday and Sunday, we decided to go through with our annual family pool party all the same – and rightfully so. The skies cleared mid-morning and we ended up being blessed with an abundance of sun and ridiculous heat (woohoo!) Two barbecue/pool parties later and I’m, admittedly, pretty wiped out. But feeling totally drained from sun and surf is the best kind of drained so I certainly won’t complain. I knew there was a reason I loved this whole summer thing. How was your weekend? I’d love to know!

sfmw_2 {beer & blue jays}

sfmw_3{annual family pool party}

sfmw_4{I wish I had my aunts green thumb}

sfmw_5{yearly volleyball match}

sfmw_6{mimosa brunch}

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