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Ravello, The Amalfi Coast part V

ravello_1Our last day brought us to the picturesque town of Ravello. We had originally planned to head to Capri on this particular day, but our trip was cancelled due to the wind and impending rain (insert soft sobs here)*. We grabbed the city bus from Maiori and made our way up to this teeny little town. Though I was slightly disappointed by the fact that we weren’t going to make it to Capri, Ravello had it’s own unique charm. It definitely held its own and then some.

Located directly above the Amalfi Coast, the mountainous views and expansive vistas of the rest of the coast were a refreshing change from the other seaside towns we had visited throughout the week .  I swear you could see the entire coast from up there, and it was absolutely glorious.

Much like the majority of our trip, we spent our day dining, shopping, and wandering about. At one point in the afternoon, the skies opened up and it began to pour down on us. We took cover in a nearby shoe store where I happened to pick up a pair of beautiful orange sandals (convenient, right? I have to add, the shoes in Ravello were quite incredible!) We then invested in a $10 umbrella (Justin’s only souvenir! He has more willpower than I do, I must say) and didn’t let the weather get us down.

Once we were done touring, we decided to hike back down to Minori** (and then make our way back to Maiori). There’s a really beautiful trail just to the left of Villa Cimbrone and I believe you can make your way to Amalfi this way as well (though you might want to triple check). You simply follow the signs that eventually lead you to your destination. The whole hike took around 45 minutes, and the views are absolutely breathtaking (and I really dislike that word, so you know I mean business). It rained off and on during the entire walk, but we had our trusty umbrella and hiking in the rain was really quite romantic. All in all, a wonderful end to an incredible trip.

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*having missed Capri just means that we need to go back. Right? RIGHT!
**the hike wasn’t terribly difficult at all, but it’s almost entirely stairs (going down!) and they’re quite rocky/uneven. It gave my ankles a really strange workout – like I had never exercised certain muscles within them or something. By the time we got to the bottom they were all shakey and weird. No big deal, just a quick little warning!

Special note: though pricey (around $300), I’ve been told by a number of friends that this Ravello cooking class is incredible. We weren’t originally planning on heading to Ravello, and if we hadn’t blown our whole budget at this point in the trip, we would have budgeted for it for sure. Damn us and our responsible mindsets.

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ps. A big thanks to Tieks who sent me a pair of their ballerina pink flats. They literally got me through my entire trip. I HIGHLY recommend them. Super comfy, and they fold up teeny tiny (so perfect for travelling).

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