May 8

Bits & Pieces of Damsel in Dior

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I pretty much adore Jacey, from Damsel in Dior. If I’m being totally honest, I only discovered her blog within the past few months, but it has very quickly risen to the top of my morning go-to’s. Cute videos, amazing fashion and delicious recipe – she’s got em’ all covered, and in serious style. So it was especially fun to learn a little bit more about the girl behind my new favourite blog…

::A random fact::
Cotton farming has been in my family for over 150 years. I also love driving barefoot because it makes me feel like I’m back on the farm.

::Your go-to recipe::
My go to drink recipe is a beer Margarita. It’s quick, easy and gets everyone in party mode asap.

::You can’t live without::
Carmex. It’s the only thing that cures my lips when they are chapped!

::Currently coveting::
I’m currently saving up for the Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet in white gold. Pulling the trigger on expensive items is really tough, but the best thing to invest in is always jewelry. I’m also dying over the Saint Lauren cross body.

::Your daily reads::
Pinterest, Instagram & USA Today … oh yes, and Damsel in Dior

::On your playlist::
The Lord Huron, Handsome Dreams album. I can’t get enough of the song “Time To Run.”

::Your favourite quote::
My Granny used to say “Only boring people get bored”

::On your night stand::
Water & my iPhone4s

::Your favourite designer::
Frank Llyod Wright, Dawna Jones, Angie Hranowsky, Janice Parker, Céline

::In your wishing well::
Wow. That’s tough. 1. I hope to travel as much as I can; I want to see India, Egypt and Vietnam {to start}. 2. I hope to be blessed with children one day when we are ready. 3. To continue living out my passion day after day and having a career through my blog. It’s the best job in the world.

::Your dream home::
The design of the home will be clean, modern, open. Think: concrete floors with layered rugs; a beautiful open bathroom with a huge tub in the middle & walk in closet off to the side. The kitchen is the heart & soul to every home so in my dream home I’d love a gigantic island that also serves as a table with cozy sofette’s & all white marble countertops and white cabinets. However, my dream home will house myself, my loving husband, our 2 amazing bulldogs and future family…lots and lots of kids {one day!}. I want the kids swimming in the backyard, grandparents enjoying the outdoor sitting area and brothers and sisters helping out on the grill. A full house is a happy house. The more chaotic, the better!

::Your happy place::
When the whole family is together in Concan, Texas, floating the Frio River in an inner tube with a cool one in my hand.

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