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Bits and Pieces of Field Guided

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Remember my bits & pieces series? It somehow got left in the dust the past little while but it’s back with a vengeance and I couldn’t be more excited! And I’m breaking the drought in the finest of fashions with the adorable Anabela from Fieldguided. As a fellow Toronto blogger, I constantly find myself getting lost within her beautiful pages. And as cheesy as it may sound, it’s kind of become my version of heaven. Read on to find out more about the girl behind this fabulous blog…

::A random fact::
 The thing I miss most about my childhood is spending hours sitting up in the cherry tree in our backyard.

::Your go-to recipe::
I have never cooked it myself (I usually leave that to my husband, Geoff), but this wild mushroom pilaf is one of my all-time favourite recipes.

::You can’t live without::
My favourite sunglasses, Karen Walker Number Ones.

::Currently coveting::
We are in desperate need of a new sofa (have been for the past five years, actually!) and if I could have any sofa, it would be the Jane from Gus.

::Your daily reads::
I just got myself an eReader (a Kobo Mini) after rolling my eyes at them for years and I’ve actually been reading so much more lately! I think there’s a bit of novelty to it, and it’s so much easier than the three books in my purse I used to carry around. I’ve been reading I’m Your Man by Sylvie Simmons; I have the book in hard cover but it’s so much easier to read on my Mini.

::On your playlist::
Satie’s Gymnopédies, because they’re really calming and help my work day go by more pleasantly.

::Your favourite quote::
I actually don’t have one, but did make a note of a really lovely passage in I’m Your Man: “Leonard, in turn, recalled ‘a feeling I think I’ve tried to re-create hundreds of times, unsuccessfully, just that feeling of being grown up, with somebody beautiful that you’re happy to be beside, and all the world is in front of you, where your body is suntanned and you’re going to get on a boat.'”

::On your night stand::
 My glasses in their plastic stand, a few books, a wooden lamp.

::Your favourite designer::
Lately I’ve really been into Samantha Pleet. Her Myth dress is so pretty

::In your wishing well::
I can’t wait to visit California and drive along the coast at some point in my life.

::Your dream home::
Southern exposure and huge windows, pretty details and (while we’re dreaming), a good view.

::Your happy place::
Nothing is better than a good beach.

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