Feb 25

scenes from my weekend

nadege-macarons-&-cocktails-small{girls’ night, complete with Nadege macarons & tarragon cocktails}

high-tea-at-the-ritz-2{high tea @ the ritz}

high-tea{so. many. sweets @ high tea}

manicure{mini manicures}

at-home-brunch{at home Sunday brunch & study sessions}

You wouldn’t know it from this series of photos, but the majority of my weekend was spent with my nose deep in the books. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it thusfar on this here blog, but I’m currently knee-deep in all things Interior Design related as I study for my licensing exam. Luckily, a handful of my very favourite friends are in the same boat which definitely alleviates some of the pain (study sessions paired with friends and fun treats are infinitely better than the alternative).

On Friday, I did manage to take a bit of a break as I squeezed in a low-key girls’ night for a friend in town from Montreal. Obviously we watched the BeyoncĂ© documentary. And Saturday I totally snuck away for high tea & catch-ups with the lovely ladies that make up my family. Work hard, play hard, right? Despite knowingly starting this week with a fried brain, I have to admit it was a pretty fantastic weekend over all. How was yours? I’d love to know!

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