Feb 21

Gin & Tarragon Cocktail

When Rachel linked to this recipe* last week, my interest was immediately piqued. Having only recently discovered my adoration for gin cocktails, I’ve been on the hunt to add to my teeny, tiny arsenal of concoctions. The results were beyond what I could have ever imagined. If you only ever make one of “my”** recipes, please, please let this one be it. It received a virtually unheard of four thumbs up in our household and it’s more than safe to say that they’ll be on heavy rotation in the coming months. Do I smell a party anyone?!

*The sweet tooth within me rimmed our glasses with brown sugar. One of the better decisions I’ve made in my lifetime.

**I use the term “my” loosely. Clearly I’m simply a recipe thief!

taragon-cocktail_2 taragon-cocktail_3 taragon-cocktail_4 taragon-cocktail_5 taragon-cocktail_6

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