Oct 16

Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

As mentioned, the primary reason behind this particular trip was so that Justin and I could visit our friends who currently reside in Dublin. We had a fabulous time and  Jess and Ian proved to be fantastic hosts.

Though we spent the majority of the week in Dublin, enjoying the company of our friends, we did manage to head out for two day-trips throughout the week. The first  consisted of a quick ride on the Dart to the cute little town of Dun Laoghaire (pronounced Dun-Leery – don’t ask me how. Crazy Gaelic language!) Both Jess and Ian are (fabulous) chefs and I won’t lie, our primary reasoning behind this mini-trip was to take in the food market that takes over the park every Sunday. We gorged on fantastic food, walked the old Victorian pier, and treated ourselves to ten minute chair massages for $5 in a nearby tent (best idea all week, let me tell you). It was the perfect start to our Irish adventure.

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