Oct 15

scenes from my (birthday) weekend

|a mid-day snack break|

| the best birthday card. ever. |

| tea & presents in bed |

| dinner with (amazing) friends |

| my moms homemade birthday cake! |

For as long as I can remember, I’ve claimed October as my birth month. Justin likes to kindly remind me that I’m supposed to get a day (maybe a weekend) but I’m generally relatively quick to correct him. I’ve never struggled to find a reason to celebrate life, and I simply like to believe that October is mine for the taking (though I’m willing to share with the rest of you October babies). Over the years I’ve gotten quite good at extending the festivities throughout the month*. Somehow, however, every event pertaining to this years birthday happened to fall within the confines of this past weekend. Three dinners, two brunches and drinks with friends in 2.25 days. A birthday extravaganza of the very best kind. To say that I was spoiled would be the understatement of the century. You all managed to make me feel so very special and I can’t thank you enough. So far 27 is off to a really great start.

*Cute side story: my aunt feels the same way as I do in regards to birthdays. She has always jokingly, yet openly, considered may to be her birth month, ensuring to schedule lunches and pedicures sporadically throughout. For her fiftieth birthday my uncle and cousins decided to get together and give her exactly what she’d always wanted: an entire month of birthday celebrations. They put together a calendar, called her friends and family, and had everyone take over one day of the month. In effect: celebrating her birthday in one way or another each and every day of may. Every evening before bed she was presented with a truffle and a poem explaining what she’d be doing and with whom the next day. She was left totally in the dark on her daily plans until the night before. How adorable is that?! That story will forever bring a smile to my face.

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