Oct 11

Stirling, Scotland

Admittedly, both Justin and I were just a little disappointed when we arrived in Stirling. Though there’s no denying the city had its own particular charm, we both felt it paled in comparison to Edinburgh and St. Andrews. We may have been quick to judge considering we were barely there for twenty-four hours, however we both agreed it lacked the familiar vibe that emanated through the previous two cities. We felt Stirling Castle was too pristine, too restored and re-touched, and each and every pub and restaurant was filled to the brim with tourists. While travelling, we like to make a point of trying to find a local watering hole just off the beaten path. It’s possible that we were simply missing the mark that day, but we just couldn’t seem to track anything suitable down!

That being said we, of course, still managed to enjoy our limited time in Stirling. Our hotel was located just steps away from the castle, with views of rolling hills for miles when we awoke in the morning. Built in 1787, it was originally intended as an all-boys school which has since been converted into rooms to rest ones weary head. If you did want to experience this city for yourself, I would definitely recommend this spot as a place to crash.

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