Oct 10

St. Andrews, Scotland

One thing that had always been on my (laughably long) bucket list was to take a road trip through Scotland. So that’s just what we did.

We rented a car for four jam-packed days in an effort to see as much of the country as possible. What with Justin being an avid golfer, our first stop was naturally the town of St. Andrews where the game was essentially invented. While doing our research we realized that to golf The Old Course (which has been in use for 600 years) you had two options: book your round a year in advance, or show up solo, cross your fingers and hope that a trio will allow you to tag along on their round. Having friends who have, in the past, attempted the latter unsuccessfully, we were not entirely hopeful. We knew that if all else failed there would be a seaside town in which we’d be to able explore for a day. Not a bad deal, really.

Alas, the stars aligned or the gods shined down or something of the sort and Justin got on the course a mere hour after we arrived. This, in return, meant that I was left with ample time to spend at my leisure. I perused the town, treated myself to ice cream, drank tea on the beach (what? it was cold!) and hit up both the St. Andrews Castle ruins and The Cathedral before heading back. There was something magical about being completely disconnected from absolutely everyone and everything, simply touring a foreign place entirely on my own. It’s an activity I will definitely attempt on any and all future trips.

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