Apr 30

scenes from my weekend

dinner at Defina | organizing our friends new condo | post-move beverages
his & hers tea | organizing our own cupboardsĀ 

The fact that we were recruited to help our friends move on Saturday (at 8:30 am no less) meant that we were given a free pass to do absolutely nothing of serious value the rest of the weekend. And so that’s just what happened. All of the unpacking and arranging that ensued on Saturday encouraged us to get our own apartment in shape (which to me is the equivalent of a good time. I love me some organizing). We, of course, made sure this was balanced out with a delicious dinner out (me) a Jays game (Justin), a nap of epic proportions (for the both of us) and a silly movie (The Five Year Engagement: hilarious!) All in all, a really great weekend. How was yours?

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