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Bourbon Beef Noodle Soup

One of my favourite things to do after a long day at work is curl up on the couch with a big bowl of hearty soup, a chunk of crusty french baguette and a really silly show (The Bachelor, anyone?) This recipe (see below) for bourbon beef noodle soup is rich, hearty and full of flavour all the while remaining ridiculously easy to throw together in an instant. It really does make those cold and dark winter nights all that more bearable.

what you’ll need:
::1/2 cup bourbon
::1/4 cup maple syrup
::4 tbsp. garlic, chopped
::salt and pepper to taste
::1 lb. rib eye steak, cut into 1/4″ cubes
::4 tbsp. olive oil, divided
::3 cups onions, sliced
::28 oz. beef broth
::2 cups water
::4 cups egg noodles
::4 cups spinach
::1/4 cup green onions, for garnish

what you’ll do:
::Marinate the steak in the bourbon, maple syrup, garlic, salt and pepper (anywhere from 30 mins to 24 hours)
::Once marinated, strain the steak through a sieve and reserve the marinade.
::In a large pot, heat 2 tbsp. of the olive oil over medium-high heat.  Add the beef and cook until browned, about 3 minutes per side.
::Remove the steak from the pan and set aside.
::Add the remaining olive oil and onions and saute until tender, about 5 minutes.
::Stir in the set-aside marinade, beef broth and water.
::Bring to a boil and add the noodles. Cook until just soft, about 8 minutes.
::Stir in the steak and spinach and cook until the spinach is just wilted.
::Spoon soup into bowls and garnish with green onions.

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