Jan 13

happiness is…

{golden teacups}

With this week being unusually busier than most, I have found myself making conscious efforts to sit back, breathe and take a moment or two to myself before tackling the next task. Making sure that I don’t work through my entire lunch and still hanging out with friends after work has made huge improvements on my level of productivity when I really get down to it. I’ve mentioned before that it’s important to focus on the positives and try to avoid being overwhelmed wherever possible (a mantra that usually helps me: “will this REALLY matter in a week?” If not, let it go.) Focusing on the little things in life is equally as important and really do make a difference in your levels of gratitude.  These are a few little things that have made me happy and have added to my otherwise stressful week.{embellished tops}{fresh scones & crème fraîche}
{mimosas}{baskets of chocolate}

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