Nov 11

lovely & unrelated.

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In other words, a space to place those need-to-share things I come across daily, but don’t quite make a blog post on their own.

Here are a few fun things I’ve stumbled across this week:
::Apparently it’s quite easy to make your own butter.
::As a self proclaimed scarf wearer, through and through, (seriously, I think I own 80 of them), this video is super helpful.
::I spent far too many hours reading this blog this week. He is absolutely hilarious (and ridiculously talented).
::These pillowcases are all shades of awesome.
::This video is really lovely. I’m convinced that the key to a happy life is being happy alone. Everything (and everyone) else is just a bonus and should be treated as such.

Update: I’ve been informed that there’s an even EASIER way to make homemade butter. Go here to check it out!  

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