Nov 8

house envy: hibernation mode.

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As most of you know, on Sunday the clocks were set back an hour to account for daylight savings time (having that extra weekend hour was glorious, let me just tell you). When I awake in the morning I’ve noticed it’s no longer dark and dreary, which was previously making it that much more difficult to drag myself out of my warm bed. Unfortunately, as a result, I couldn’t help but notice that the moon was lighting my way on my walk home from work last night, at 5:00 no less. While I’m always one to embrace  the change in seasons (if that isn’t obvious), I do find the early darkness a bit much to handle for months on end. My solution around this time is to dream of some place to hibernate for the winter. My ideal place has a fireplace, a steep tobogganing hill and unlimited mugs of rich hot chocolate. When I stumbled upon this home it immediately fit the bill. I feel I could be very happy here, provided I have my friends and family in tow.

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