Sep 26

scenes from my weekend.

{what’s left of my anniversary flowers}{wonton soup & party planning}{housewarming party spread}{party straws!}{sunday afternoons in the distillery district}

After more than six months of living together, Justin and I finally got our acts together and had all of our friends over for a housewarming party. I’m unsure that we’re allowed to ┬ácall it that after such a prolonged period of time (and considering the large majority of our friends have already seen the place), but it was a great excuse for all of us to get together. We snacked on delicious cheeses (I love me a cheese plate), some leftover snickerdoodles (I froze half the dough last time, pre-planning for any impromptu cookie cravings) and drank blackberry cocktails out of mason jars (and colourful paper straws!) The rest of the weekend was spent dining with my family for my step-moms birthday, and lounging around in pyjamas; a perfectly balanced weekend, if you ask me.

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