Sep 12

scenes from my weekend.

{champagne celebrations}{anniversary flowers}
{from our balcony}{cirque du soleil}{adore him}
{late-night cream soda floats}

This past weekend was spent celebrating our anniversary. Five years in and it keeps getting better; I think I’ll have to keep him. We decided to forgo presents this year (although he did surprise me with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I’ve ever set my eyes on), and instead, spend time with each other doing things we may not otherwise do. We drank champagne, we headed out for romantic dinners, we ate cream-soda floats at midnight, we saw Cirque du Soleil, and we spent some much-needed down time, just us, with no distractions. On Friday we headed out to Cafe la Gaffe for dinner, primarily because they have the best tiramisu in the city. We proceeded with the evening by testing out fancy bars (like bar chef) and not so fancy bars (like the Cameron house, with live country music and all). It was a wonderful weekend and I could not ask for more. I’m left feeling a little bigger, whole-heartedly content, and more loved than I could dream of.


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