Jun 6

scenes from my weekend.

{strawberry peach sangria}
{primping for girls-night}
{birthday cake at a friends barbecue}
{new hairstyles}
{delicious brioche at the leslieville farmers market}

Justin headed north to the cottage which left me with the apartment to myself. On friday evening the girls came over for a mini dinner/slumber party. We made strawberry peach sangria using this recipe and it was enjoyed while sitting on the balcony breaking in our new patio set. After a little too much of said sangria, we donned our highest heels and headed out to Nyood in the west end to continue our little shindig.

The next morning we awoke to cold and rain (and possibly a slight headache) which prompted us to cancel our plans and curl up on the couch with all of the pillows and blankets we could find. We spent the day eating strawberries and scrambled eggs on toast while frying our brains with movies and mind-numbing television. Luckily the weather sorted itself out in time to head out to a barbecue to celebrate a friends birthday.

Sunday morning brought about the grand opening of the Leslieville Farmers Market which ended up being such a huge success. Most of the vendors sold out of their stock by 11:30 in the morning due to an overwhelming response, which is so exciting (and they will, as a result, bring double the stock next week). We stuffed our faces with far too much incredible local, organic, sustainable, affordable (!!) free-range food and lingered in the grass in the middle of the park until well after everyone had left. And in celebration of the markets incredible success thus far (and all of my friends serious hard work), we headed over to the patio at Le Papillon on the Park where we continued to feast on beer and poutine (a perfect recipe for celebration if you ask me).

disclaimer: While not all weekends are rainbows and butterflies and I often omit any negativities that happens throughout (because who REALLY wants to read about arguments or traffic jams or what have you on a monday morning) this one really was absolute perfection. Summer: how I love thee.

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