Jun 3

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I’m just going to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to inform you of an awesome endeavor that one of my very best friends has taken upon herself to initiate. On Sunday, Leslieville (in east Toronto) will get it’s very own farmers market! The market will be open from 9-2 every Sunday from here on out until October. She has 21 vendors lined up selling everything from coffee and baked goods like fresh bread and pies, to fruits and veggies, free range, grass-fed meats, eggs, honey, fresh cheeses, prepared foods, jams and preserves as well as fresh crepes, quiches and poutine. Um. Hi deliciousness! I’m so so proud of her as she’s worked her little tail off the past few months to make this happen. There will be live music, delicious food and a guaranteed good time. (Seriously. I wouldn’t tell you all about it if I wasn’t absolutely sure it will be worth your while to make the trip).

For more information head on over to And hopefully I’ll see you Sunday?! (ps how awesome would for me to actually get to meet some of you in real life too! Weekly groceries and new friends? Double whammy!)

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