Apr 11

scenes from my weekend.

images via lark + linen

On friday evening I packed my bags and headed south-west to Windsor (one of Ontario’s uglier cities, if you ask me). My little sister was playing basketball in the provincial championships and asked me oh so nicely if I could come and support her. While my brother and sister got the athletic gene, I on the other hand (really, really) did not. But of course, I obliged. A weekend spent with family, in a hotel room, with room service at any given time is always a bonus.

While windsor wouldn’t be my first choice for a weekend getaway, it ended up being a ton of fun. We lost in the second round on Saturday, which was a little disappointing, but it just meant that Saturday night was left wide open. We headed to Lake Erie (to my dads winery) where we threw a massive barbecue for the whole team, complete with private tours of the facilities (wine making is so fun!)

Seeing as we were not playing on Sunday, we were free to sleep in, lingering longer in bed than deemed necessary, and ordered room service (which was naturally enjoyed in bed) before making the long drive home.

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