Feb 25

sleep deprivation.

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With my upcoming move quickly approaching, I’ve been busy purging all the things that I’ve accumulated over the last few years. I suppose one of the benefits of moving is being forced to go through each and every box in each and every closet and tossing (or donating) all the things that you will probably never need. (Note to self: you will NOT make your way through seven different face masks. Control yourself lady!) With this urge to purge my life comes the desire to refresh certain items that have found their way into my keep pile.

Namely: my desk. This bad boy is a simple pine desk with pretty bronze pulls and a matching wooden chair that I just cannot bear to part with. It was purchased for me for my first day of kindergarten (does that make it vintage?!) and I distinctly remember every little detail of the excitement that ensued. To date, there are still visible marks in the bottom of one of the drawers left behind from my awesome stash of crayons. But I digress. My little desk needs help you guys. Its knotted pine is dated and old, and the sun has done its damage by dyeing the wood a lovely shade of orange. I’m contemplating painting the entire thing black so that the bronze hardware really pops, but I can’t help but think it would be fun to leave the bottom eight inches of the legs unpainted. I’ve tossed around a few ideas here and there but this one has topped the list so far. I love the way the half-paintedness (totally a word) makes an older piece feel modern, fresh and updated. What do you think? Has all of the busy gotten to my head? – I have been sleep deprived you know.

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