Feb 7

scenes from my weekend.

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This weekend was chock full of celebrations, as all weekends should be. On friday we celebrated Justin’s birthday with his family. The combination of delicious Thai food, a pile of presents, and a chocolate on chocolate cake is one that is not to be beat.

On Saturday the celebrations continued as my roommate and I threw another little get together in his honour. His friends arrived en mass, we wore birthday hats (well, I wore a birthday hat) and headed out to a bar for 25th birthday shots. The evening ended with cold leftover pizza, which is much more appealing than it may sound.

After our standard brunch on Sunday we headed over to my dads for his annual Steelers Superbowl party. Being a die-hard, dedicated Steelers fan, he throws a huge party each and every time they make it to the end (which has been quite often these past few years). While the standard fare is generally present (chips, dip, wings, steak, beer & a large pot of chili – hello men), he also likes to keep things interesting with unlimited bottles of champagne, oreo cheesecake cupcakes & haagen daaz bars at halftime – making it my kind of party. Despite being forced to tailgate in the frigid weather pre-game, the party was a great success and a ton of fun.

The conclusion: I’ll be eating a salad at every meal this week.
Except for tonight because I’m enjoying a winterlicious meal…
and also, I made this cake and there’s a lot left and it’s too delicious to not ingest.
And this is why I don’t diet.

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