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events: the interior design show.

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen me prattling on about the Interior Design Show last friday. Despite waking up with a massive, incredibly rude and totally uncalled for headache (I didn’t even drink, guys! he was such a bastard, showing up all uncalled for like that), I dragged myself to work and subsequently to the show with my co-workers in tow and I’m so pleased that I did. Below are some of my personal favourites; the highlights of the show, as far as I’m concerned:

hanging wire animals by Lynn Jackson (these guys were seriously cool)

Moroccan inspired pendant fixtures (Snob)

incredible millwork by the Carroll Street Woodworkers (you can push the wooden buttons on the desk and little compartments pop out! check out their website. These guys have super-talent)

by far the most appealing of all the redesigned Panton chairs (Greta Constantine)

arbutus + denman aluminum light fixtures – simply stunning

a pretty Bloomsburry Cabinetry kitchen

a beyond fantastic double-sided Selene book-case

some country sparkle (a winning combination) at the Up Country booth

perfectly pretty crown wallpaper

what better way to rep Toronto than with a YYZ pillow by Nicole Tarasick (sorry for chopping off the bottom. oops)

Jenn-Air underlit shelving (would look nice with a warmer glow, methinks)

Commute Home never fail to impress with their talent

and naturally, I saved the best for last. Coloured toilet paper! (and paper towel to match) by Renova. Fun in theory, although I’m not sure how it would actually look. Amazing all the same!

There! Now you can go on about your daily business and act as if you were TOTALLY there (if you didn’t have the opportunity to attend). You’re so welcome.

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