Jan 31

scenes from my weekend.

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This weekend was a particularly good one. While the boyfriend was out of town, I played catch up with all of the ladies in my life. On Saturday, I met my mom, my aunt and her daughter for brunch at Moroco, a chocolate bakery that also serves delicious meals. I ordered an $11.00 hot chocolate (just a little indulgent) which turned out to be a chocolate bar melted into a cup. While it was delicious, I could only ingest about a quarter of it before getting the shakes from too much sugar. The place was really sweet, with the cutest washrooms I’ve seen in a while (remember, I judge places based on their washrooms).

In the evening, the ladies came over for girls night. We headed out to celebrate a friend’s birthday and came back for flannel pj’s, leftover risotto and a slumber party (circa grade 3).

Sunday, we woke up and headed out to take advantage of Winterlicious, a food festival that takes place in Toronto twice a year. A handful of restaurants participate in the event and offer prix fixe menus for an astoundingly reduced price. It’s a great way to take advantage of restaurants that you may not otherwise be able to afford. The girls and I stopped off at Pure Spirits Oyster bar in the distillery where we enjoyed far too much food. We then waddled our way over to the west end of the city to take a peek at the Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up to my Room art installation. Each room at the Gladstone Hotel is transformed into a work of art by a different artist. Unfortunately it’s done for the year, but it was very interesting and if you have a moment in the future, I would definitely recommend it.

*update: I’m aware that $11.00 hot chocolate is absurd, but I just had to try it once. It came with a truffle, so that helps justify it right? Yes. Let’s go with that. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those people who think that $11.00 hot chocolate is acceptable. But it was delicious, and sometimes you need to indulge a little. 

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