Jan 4

scenes from my holidays.

images via lark + linen

The holidays were perfectly imperfect. I accomplished almost nothing that I originally intended on doing and instead spent more time than I’d care to admit lounging in my pj’s until inappropriate hours.

Christmas was amazing. Busy, as can be expected, but filled with family, friends, laughter and intense games of catch phrase. On Christmas morning I opened up a Nikon D90 DSLR camera and immediately burst into tears. My dad followed suit (he’s such a suck sometimes). I feel so lucky.

New years was spent in a sparkly dress with my dapper newly-bearded boyfriend and a handful of great friends at Pravda, a vodka bar downtown Toronto. With flame throwers, ice sculptures, burlesque dancers and unlimited quantities of champagne, it too was pretty incredible.  

The rest of the week was equally split between watching movies in my sweatpants and meeting girlfriends for brunch. Morning Glory, my favourite brunch spot in the city, always promises to offer coffee or tea in vintage pyrex mugs, the ones you’d surely find in your grandmother’s cupboard.

While I was originally a little disappointed that I didn’t fully take advantage of my week off, I truly believe it’s what my body was craving, and let’s be honest, it was a little awesome. I’m happy, I’m rested and I’m ready to face 2011 in full force!

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