Dec 31

Resolutions + Such

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While I’m still technically on vacation, I couldn’t resist stopping by to wish you, my lovely readers, a happy New Years. I am so thankful for all the support you have given me in the past nine months. You guys truly keep me going each day. So take a sip of champagne (on me!).

The past few days I’ve noticed an interesting turn on new years resolutions. A lot of bloggers are stating the things that they’ve done in 2010 that they want to keep about themselves in 2011. What a lovely thought! While none of us are perfect, I truly believe that we all try to do the best that we know how to. I’m going to embrace this positive spin on the idea of resolutions and share my list of my abilities that I’m proud of; the things that I want to keep within myself for the upcoming year.

. Keep building my blog and inspiring people each and every day (whilst being inspired by them in the same breath)

. Keep growing my business in china and taking on new clients

. Keep my ability to find the positive in any given situation

. Keep on facing my fears, taking chances, working my little butt off and having faith that it will all be worth it in the end

. Keep recycling! I’m getting really good at it

. Keep saving money, while splurging a little here and there (celebrating life is necessary)

. Keep trusting my instincts and following my gut. It knows what’s up.

. Keep my passion for life, keep making the most of it and keep appreciating each and every day I’m given.

. Keep appreciating my friends and family. They are the priority in life and so far I’ve done a great job at not taking them for granted.

What are some things you did in 2010 that you’d like to keep on doing for this upcoming year? I’d love to know.

Happy New years sunshines. I’ll see you back here on Tuesday!

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